Church Edition

Which services are most crowded at your church? I venture to say, any service where children are participating!

Many more parents, grandparents, and friends attend when "their children" have an active part. Allowing children to perform in church services is essential for their Spiritual growth and continued interest. Through singing, a child is given the unique opportunity to feel special and loved by the entire church family.

With a split track, children can easily provide an exciting addition to any service! Much like karaoke, the split track provides the necessary tool for children to sing at the opening of a service, during an offertory, provide special music, or declare the benediction. "Dancing in His Arms" split track can be used for VBS, Art and Music Camp, 5th Sunday night sings, or any other occasion where children are allowed to participate.

Whether there's 3 children performing, or 30 children performing, split track provides what is needed. The prerecorded voices are used only as support. The volume of the voices is adjustable and controllable. If you only need the instrumentation from the studio musicians, the voices can be eliminated completely.

Encouraging a child's musical participation helps them see themselves as an integral part of the church family.  Children must feel connected and "at home" when they attend church.  Without this sense of belonging, they will not participate as adults.  Split tracks provides a winning tool for church leaders.  

Children are attending - children are participating - children are learning Bible verses - children are connecting... therefore the entire church family is being blessed. 


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Full Keyboard Arrangement

Full keyboard arrangement available upon request. Contact us for more information.