... And a special thanks to...

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for becoming real in my life and giving me these scriptures in song! Thank You, Lord, for Your Word and the promise that it will not return void but will accomplish what You purpose . (Isaiah 55:11) To God be the glory!

Thank you, my dear daughter Kari for your countless hours of work on these songs! Without your vision, prayers, encouragement, and personal sacrifice this would never have been completed. These are your songs, too!

Thank you, super Jason, for sacrificing from your busy schedule to transport to and from recording sessions, take pictures, give expert advice, and believe in the worth of it all.

Thank you, my terrific son, David and dear Pamela. I could always receive words of encouragement from you and be assured of your daily prayers. You both kept this project before our Father. What a blessed gift it was to know you both were praying!

Thank you, my dear daughter Natalie. Through yours and Kim’s example of perseverance, I have been challenged to press on toward the mark. Your understanding and kind listening ear has enabled me to believe in the validity of what God has given me to do.

Thank you, my precious grandchildren - Madison, Jackson, Travis, Katelyn, and Ethan. YOU are what truly motivated me to do this project. It is my deepest prayer that each of you will personally hide God’s Word in your hearts so you will hear and know the Lord’s voice and follow Him throughout your lives. I love each of you more than I can express!

Madison, when you began singing these songs from your favorite tree and on the brick column outside your home, I knew God had given me something with which children could identify. Your precious heartfelt tears also spoke volumes of confirmation to me. Jackson, thank you for getting the vision and wanting to participate. At 4 years old you did a super job announcing the songs and singing CHRIST’s birth announcement in Isaiah 9:6. You are an awesome young man!

Thank you, my dear sister Carol Sue, for your enthusiastic support and prayers. Your eagerness to share this unfinished vision with others was exciting and helped keep it alive on difficult days.

A Special thank you goes to Joe Franklin, guitar, Julie Eargle, guitar, and Rachel Jensen, keyboard, for your time and willingness to edit chords and musical dictation. This project would not be as accurate without each of your expertise and input.